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Тест из нескольких задач по математике

Выполните задания теста:


Вы услышите 6 высказываний. Установите соответствие между высказываниями каждого говорящего A–F и утверждениями, данными в списке 1–7. Используйте каждое утверждение, обозначенное соответствующей цифрой, только один раз. В задании есть одно лишнее утверждение. Вы услышите запись дважды. Занесите свои ответы в таблицу.

1. Exotic location makes Christmas memorable.

2. Christmas day is nothing special.

3. Adults could still enjoy some magic getting presents.

4. Gifts from young children bring joy.

5. The bigger family, the bigger fun.

6. Christmas away from family can be enjoyable.

7. Christmas is mainly about gift giving.

Запишите в таблицу выбранные цифры под соответствующими буквами.

Говорящий A B C D E F


Вы услышите диалог. Определите, какие из приведённых утверждений А–G соответствуют содержанию текста (1 – True), какие не соответствуют (2 – False) и о чём в тексте не сказано, то есть на основании текста нельзя дать ни положительного, ни отрицательного ответа (3 – Not stated). Занесите номер выбранного Вами варианта ответа в таблицу. Вы услышите запись дважды.

A. Emily’s history class requires a lot of effort.

B. Grandparents of Sam’s friend are his grandparents’ neighbours.

C. Sam didn’t see his parents for two months.

D. Emily wouldn’t want to spend her summer like Sam.

E. In June Emily was away from home.

F. Emily’s family plan to visit Greece again.

G. Emily won’t be able to show Sam her photos.

Запишите в таблицу выбранные цифры под соответствующими буквами.

Утверждение A B C D E F G
Соответствие диалогу


Вы услышите интервью. В заданиях 3–9 запишите в поле ответа цифру 1, 2 или 3, соответствующую выбранному Вами варианту ответа. Вы услышите запись дважды.

Kim’s success as an actress makes her feel …

1) extremely happy.

2) slightly uncomfortable.

3) very disappointed.


Kim thinks that acting is …

1) just a job.

2) a way of life.

3) her life priority.


One thing Kim and her heroine have in common is their …

1) life-partner’s occupation.

2) working time-tables.

3) love for kids.


Kim thinks that the most difficult thing for her and her husband is to …

1) raise their children.

2) remain in the spotlight.

3) find more time to be together.


According to Kim, her heroine and she are different in their …

1) public life.

2) personalities.

3) backgrounds.


Hosting a TV show for Kim is …

1) a way to learn a new skill.

2) a long-time ambition.

3) a means to relax from her sitcom work.


Kim hopes to introduce people who …

1) write about poverty.

2) work with volunteers.

3) deal with world problems.

Установите соответствие между текстами A–G и заголовками 1–8. Занесите свои ответы в таблицу. Используйте каждую цифру только один раз. В задании один заголовок лишний.


1. Getting around the city

2. Always in a hurry

3. Unknown side of the city

4. Winning and losing

5. The city of skyscrapers

6. For the holiday and more

7. Saving the variety

8. Nickname for a building


New York is really the melting pot of the world. Over 30 percent of its residents have come from abroad. It is believed that the city has the greatest linguistic diversity on the planet. There are over 800 different languages spoken by its people. As some of these languages are nearly extinct, the City University of New York has begun a project called the Endangered Language Alliance. Its aim is to preserve rare languages like Bukhari, Vhlaski, and Ormuri


New Yorkers love to think they know everything about their city: where to find the best fruit, how to avoid paying full price at museums, what route to take to avoid traffic. But New York City can reveal new treasures even to its veterans. Beyond the city where New-Yorkers work, eat, play and commute every day lies a hidden New York: mysterious, forgotten, abandoned or just overlooked. There are places about which you’re not likely to read in any guidebook.


The Chrysler Building was in a race with the Bank of Manhattan for getting the title of the tallest skyscraper in the world. The Bank was likely to triumph, with its height of 282 meters. But the spire of the Chrysler Building was constructed in secret inside the tower. Just one week after the Bank of Manhattan was finished, it was put in place, making it 318 meters tall and beating the Bank. It wouldn’t keep this title for long: one year later the Empire State Building was erected.


The Flatiron Building was constructed between 1901 and 1903 at the intersection of Broadway and Fifth Avenue. It was designed by Chicago’s Daniel Burnham as a steel-frame skyscraper covered with white terra-cotta. Built as the headquarters of the Fuller Construction company, the skyscraper was meant to be named Fuller Building. But locals soon started calling it “Flatiron” because of its unusual shap


How does Rockefeller Center manage to find the perfect fur-tree each Christmas season? They do aerial searches by helicopter, of course, and bring it to the city during the night when there isn’t much traffic on the streets. After the tree is taken down for the year, it continues to be useful. For example, in 2005 Habitat for Humanity used the wood to make doorframes for houses for the poor and in 2012 the paper was used to publish a book.


In New York life never stands still. People have to call cabs, ride subway cars, do business of all kinds, eat pizzas and sandwiches for lunch. When you multiply that by more than eight million people in less than 500 square miles, you get the idea: everyone goes everywhere as fast as it is humanly possible. Whatever you do, don't stop in the middle of the sidewalk or you’ll make everyone around you incredibly angry.


New York is extremely easy to navigate. Manhattan is divided into numbered streets from north to south and avenues from east to west. It’s almost impossible to get lost there. Buses are useful to travel around Manhattan, and the subway is the best means of transport to the other parts of the city. At some stage you’ll definitely use a yellow taxi. Try to get one on an avenue that’s going in the same direction you are – you’ll save time and money. And don’t forget to leave a tip for the driver.



Прочитайте текст и заполните пропуски A–F частями предложений, обозначенными цифрами 1–7. Одна из частей в списке 1–7 лишняя. Занесите цифры, обозначающие соответствующие части предложений, в таблицу.

Nevsky Prospect

Nevsky Prospect is the main and most famous street of St. Petersburg. The unique architectural ensemble of Nevsky Prospect was formed during the 18th – early 20th centuries. It starts from the bank of the Neva River, runs through the centre of the city and ends at the Neva River. The whole history of St. Petersburg can be seen in the history of the avenue. Nevsky Prospect is 4.5 km long and 25-60 m wide. The narrowest section is located from the Admiralty to the Moika River, A_______________________. After the construction of the Admiralty in 1704 and the Alexander Nevsky Monastery in 1710, it was decided to build a road B_______________________ each other and with the Novgorod Path, which was used by Russian merchants. The construction began on both sides at the same time, the roads were laid through the wood, and in 1760s they were connected into one road, C_______________________, but with a turn at the Vosstaniya Square. Nevsky Prospect got its name only in 1783. The road was paved with cobble stones, D_______________________. It was the first street in St. Petersburg with gas lighting. By the early 20th century Nevsky Prospect had become the financial centre of Russia E_______________________ had their offices there. Nowadays, Nevsky Prospect is the centre of cultural and social life of St. Petersburg. There are museums, theatres, exhibition halls, cinemas, restaurants, cafés, shops F_______________________.

1. and hotels there or nearby the avenue

2. showing the original width of the avenue

3. which was not as straight as it was planned

4. which were built by famous architects and

5. connecting these two important structures with

6. and a few rows of trees were planted along the street

7. as the 40 largest banks of Russia, Europe and America


Прочитайте текст и выполните задания 12–18. В каждом задании запишите в поле ответа цифру 1, 2, 3 или 4, соответствующую выбранному Вами варианту ответа.

Driverless cars

Driverless cars are expected to be rolling into the streets within the next 20 years. In fact, they’ve legally been on the roads for the past years, approved for testing purposes. It is predicted that driverless vehicles will be commercially available at a high cost within 7 years, but it may take another 8 years for prices to drop enough to spur mass consumption. Today, the discussions focus primarily on the shifting of accident liability to manufacturers and all the goodness that comes along with reducing accidents. A truly driverless road would not be accident-free as there would still be a number of accidents caused by mechanical or computer errors, weather conditions, pedestrians and sheer random chance. But it would make the now-routine loss of life on the roads far rarer. The concept of a “driver” will be replaced with that of an “operator”, who simply programs the vehicle’s GPS to arrive at the desired destination and pushes the “Start” button to begin the trip. Since judgment will no longer be required of the operator, they won’t need a driver’s license. Theoretically, a 10-year-old child could independently take the car to school in the morning. Computer-operated cars will eventually reshape the car design as things like windshields will become less necessary. Drivers will be able to sit wherever they’d like in their cars. There will be no need for gas and brake pedals as speed will be automatically controlled by the computer. The steering wheel and the turn signal arm can also be eliminated once the public gets used to reliability of these vehicles. Each passenger will have a personal video display informing about a current location, the distance to your destination, speed and personal entertainment selections. The concept of ‘distracted driving’ will disappear as there will be no reason to pay attention to where you are going. Vehicle owners will no longer buy collision insurance since manufacturers will be solely responsible for damage. Owners will only need theft insurance and coverage for hail, falling objects or floods. To take this one step further, personal vehicle ownership may dramatically diminish. Car dealers will have lots full of vehicles for hire on a daily or hourly basis instead of vehicles for sale. When you need a car, you’ll summon one using your mobile phone. The closest unmanned vehicle will be dispatched to your home to take you where you need to go. When done, you’ll simply push the button for the unmanned vehicle to drive itself back to the rental lot. The social and cultural impact of driverless cars could cause far more upheaval than any of us could imagine. Perhaps, it would be even greater than the impact the Internet had on commerce and communication. Obviously, the picture being painted is the one that assumes total adoption, which is far from realistic. You will always have transitional delays caused by the lack of free cars, the longevity of today’s vehicles and cultural resistance. This resembles the historical factors that affected the transition from horse to the automobile. At the moment, the driverless car seems like a novelty. However, it will open up new prospects. The prospect of flying cars may soon become a reality. With computer-controlled vehicles that strictly follow traffic rules, threedimensional roads become far less scary and more a matter of simply solving the technological challenge. Where we’re going, we may not need roads at all.


According to the author driverless cars will become cheap enough for most people to buy within the following …

1) 8 years.

2) 15 years.

3) 7 years.

4) 20 years.


Which of the following statements is TRUE, according to the text?

1) A driverless car operator won’t be responsible for accidents

2) The age required to operate a driverless car is likely to rise.

3) Driverless cars may increase the number of road accidents.

4) The driverless cars will be voice-activated.


To operate a driverless car, their owners will be required to …

1) set the destination on the GPS

2) have experience in programming.

3) obtain a collision insurance.

4) have a special license.


Which of the following, according to the author, will a driverless car have?

1) Gas and brake pedals.

2) A steering wheel.

3) Video displays.

4) A turn signal arm.


The author claims that with the introduction of driverless cars …

1) personal vehicle ownership will increase.

2) the number of vehicles on the roads will diminish.

3) people will rent vehicles instead of buying them.

4) vehicle owners will spend more money on insurance.


According to the author, driverless cars will be …

1) as important socially as the Internet.

2) enthusiastically accepted by the people.

3) operated without transitional delays.

4) used by people with caution at first.


The attitude of the author towards the driverless cars may be described as …

1) optimistic.

2) negative

3) indifferent

4) unsure.

Прочитайте приведённые ниже тексты. Преобразуйте, если необходимо, слова, напечатанные заглавными буквами в конце строк, обозначенных номерами 19–25, так, чтобы они грамматически соответствовали содержанию текстов. Заполните пропуски полученными словами. Каждый пропуск соответствует отдельному заданию из группы 19–25.



Do you know the origin of the place name Alaska? The name Alaska comes from the Aleut word alaxsxaq, “an object toward which the action of the sea is directed” – that is, the mainland.



It is also known as Alyeska, the “great land”, an Aleut word from the same root.



Its nicknames are the Land of the Midnight Sun and America’s Last Frontier. Its first nicknames were “Seward’s folly” and “Seward’s icebox” to laugh at the secretary of state who negotiated the purchase of Alaska from Russia, which foolish at the time.



Have you seen the photos of the London Eye? The London Eye is a giant observation wheel in the Jubilee Gardens on the South Bank of the river Thames.



The structure by the architectural team of David Marks and Julia Barfield, husband and wife.



They submitted their idea for a large observation wheel as part of a competition to design a landmark for the new millennium. None of the entrants the competition.



However, the couple pressed on and eventually got the backing of British Airways, who sponsored project.



Washington National Cathedral is a dramatic Gothic building. It is so that it is considered to be one of the greatest architectural treasures of the world..



There are various excursions to the cathedral. The best idea is to go online to check the guides’ schedules as they in different aspects of the building’s history.



It took 82 years to build the cathedral – Theodore Roosevelt laid the cornerstone in 1908, and the cathedral’s didn’t technically stop until 1990.



The cathedral provoked strong opposition early on, but later the numerous calmed down.



It is great to have a walk around the cathedral along the paths in the garden.



The 2011 earthquake caused an estimated $26 million in damages to the cathedral. Repairs are underway, but nevertheless, still have full access to the key areas of interest inside the cathedral.

Прочитайте текст с пропусками, обозначенными номерами 32–38. Эти номера соответствуют заданиям 32–38, в которых представлены возможные варианты ответов. Запишите в поле ответа цифру 1, 2, 3 или 4, соответствующую выбранному Вами варианту ответа.

When I decided to go travelling, I wanted to get away from everything for a while. I could suddenly feel the freedom and the adventure, and I really wanted it for a 32 ______ time. So I sold all my furniture, gave notice on my flat, quit my job, and then bought a backpack and a ticket halfway around the world. During my first stopover in Singapore, on my way to Australia, I felt nervous. I sat tired and hungry in my hotel room, 33 ______ with my wish to take a flight straight back home. Because if I felt lonely after 34 ______ 14 hours, could I honestly do this for another 12 months? Fortunately, something inside encouraged me not to 35 ______ up and to see the night through, and I carried on. One of my worries setting out had been meeting rude people, but I didn’t come across a single unkind person on my travels. In fact, the people I met were everything I tried to be: kind, considerate, creative, down to earth, passionate, warm and friendly. 36 ______ I travelled on my own, I was never alone – all the people I met became my friends. For example, one Italian girl gave me her jumper when I was cold, a Japanese girl helped me cook a meal, and another girl helped me with my bags on a train. Once I met a group on a tour bus who persuaded me to 37 ______ them on a boat trip, which ended up being one of the best trips of my life. And the guy I met 38 ______ chance walking down a mountain on Christmas Day is now one of my closest friends.


1) big

2) high

3) long

4) huge


1) striving

2) straining

3) striking

4) struggling


1) else

2) just

3) still

4) yet


1) give

2) take

3) keep

4) make


1) therefore

2) moreover

3) however

4) although


1) connect

2) join

3) unite

4) link


1) on

2) at

3) to

4) by

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